Sex and more sex is what Kenyan university students value most in relationships, Campus Vibe can report.

A 2007 survey conducted by I Choose Life Africa, an NGO that has contributes to HIV prevention efforts among the youth in Kenya reveals.

Despite 71 per cent of males and 47 per cent of females in universities being sexually active, only 49 per cent of them have had education on HIV/Aids.

Only 18 per cent of males and 14 per cent of females used a condom every time they had sex, which left about 89 per cent of students at risk of HIV infection.

Nothing much seems to have changed since the survey which sampled 1917 students from Moi University. A third-year education student at the University of Nairobi says there is no way she can take a package home whose contents she doesn’t know.

“I need to know my man completely. Sex is very important in marriage, and I must know if he is capable of fulfilling my needs,” says the female student, who is currently dating her fourth boyfriend.

“Only my current boyfriend can ‘do it’ well,” added the candid and voluptuous lady.

Caroline Wanjiku of Moi University shares these sentiments. She has to confirm if the ‘tools’ are in proper working condition.

Caroline asserts that she does not engage in sex often, but before a man puts a ring on it, he has to pass the test.

“How can you know if he fits the bill? What if he cannot sire a child? What if he is a two-minute man?” asks the final-year law student who also says that, “I have never seen people dance without music!”

At Kenyatta University, Asha Mwangangi, a sociology student who is expecting her first child, told Campus Vibe that, “I needed to keep my man. If you deny your boyfriend sex, he will easily hookup with the next available woman, which can make you lose your future husband.”

According to Maseno University peer counsellor Edna Wasike, the contemporary society has made it ‘cool’ to have sex and this is seen in   adverts and discussions on television and radio.

“Just switch to Classic FM radio station in the morning and listen to ladies asking Maina Kageni for sex live on air,” she says, adding that widespread watching of x-rated content has also contributed to the trend.

Philomena Gathoni of Population Services International (PSI) says increase in sexually active youths has been the reason for increased pregnancies, misuse of contraceptives and heightened abortion cases. “Some women just want to test if they can bear children,” she adds.

Sadly, from the I Choose Life survey, only 28 per cent of the sampled group had been tested for HIV.