A few weeks ago, the internet was littered with body count discussions. Sadly, the discussions revolved around women. They were the target. And the bile was just ridiculous! 
Don’t get it all wrong, there’s no hitman, scratch that, hitwoman or serial killer anywhere. It was all about sex and the number of sexual partners one has had in the past and, present. That’s the body count we’re talking about.
Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s 25-year-old daughter, trended for good days on end, with men terming her  “for the streets” because apparently, she has a “very high body count” at her age. The eff do you use to even measure the number of counts one must have? God!
That, in just four years, she’s been with footballer Memphis, whom she dated between 2016 and 2017. Then there was rapper Trey Songs. Came Lewis Hamilton, and singer Akon’s brother. His name is Thiam or something of the sort. Then, came Justin Comb ( P Diddy’s son), before the beautiful lass allegedly dated rapper Diddy himself. 
Yaani, she did both papa and son! Ogopa sana. Then somewhere last year, she began dating Michael B Jordan.
 Jordan, 35, proposed to Lori a few months ago, and she turned him down saying “she wasn’t ready to commit and settle down”.
Now, this is what angered the unmoisturised gender! That at her age, Lori’s body count is too high for a woman to be ‘wifed’ by a man as cool as Jordan. Interesting! She is 25, he is 35. Does any of us know what he was doing at her age? Why do we all want a woman of just 25 years to get married?
 I still don’t get why body count becomes a serious matter of discussion when it’s about a woman. And why are we even keeping count? Unless people have some target number and an Oscar to win, we should be unbothered about who has slept with how many for a particular period.
We should stop these institutionalised ideologies that most male factors use to judge and demean women. You meet a woman, and before anything, you’re there looking at her and thinking; “Mmh...this one must have slept with 76 people before me!” 
Seems society ‘sat down’ and unanimously passed that the less the body count a woman has, the better. I’m sure none of society (read, men) knows their women’s really count. They’d faint!
There’s a Luhya saying that goes; if you follow up on what the chicken eats, you’ll never eat chicken. So let’s let go of this trash concept that a woman’s value is tied to the number of sexual partners she’s had.
Having sex is just an experience like anything else, like any other adventure. It doesn’t literally change anyone, man or woman. If one chooses to have sex and the other one prefers celibacy, both choices are sexually liberating and it’s okay.
Society, the male factor, shouldn’t judge the one who chose to have sex as immoral based on her choice. As long as it’s a grown woman being with a sound mind having fun, consensual and safe, let them have their effing time!
 Humans are curious beings, and it’s okay. But can our brothers stop this obsession of being curious about how many bodies, (pun intended) a woman has had before them?
Is it just jealousy or are you all worried that you might not be as good as your predecessors? 
Sweetheart, don’t be held hostage and slut-shamed by fragile masculinity that freaks about mere body count. Ooh, the cat will stretch out and wear out if a woman has a higher body count. Bull!
That ka-girl pretty much stretches and shrinks back to her normal size. Men with such ideologies should either go back to school and learn about anatomy or play better and smarter! Kwani, how do women give birth? And then?
Just stop the ignorance already, I hear one more guy talk that ignorantly about the ‘V’ and I’ll scream!  A woman can never be defined by the number of people she’s slept with.
There’s so much more to women than whom they’ve exchanged body fluids with.
Any man who gets intimidated by a woman’s body count is low and his lack of confidence is very loud.
One’s sex life doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of this life.
 And ooh, who makes women’s body notch to scale that high? Their fellow women? Come on, Boaz. Your brothers did, just like you have done to those women you don’t want us to count. So shut the eff up, go moisturise your dry butt and wait for your turn. 
 Fun fact: If a woman’s body count was to be done based on when she achieved orgasm in every sexual encounter, man! Do you still want us to have this conversation? Because a good number of women will be at zero. The most, maybe, would have three. So hey ladies, if he didn’t give an O, that’s a zero. Zeros don’t have values.