Countries with highest number of public holidays in the world


Did you know that there’s a country with 30 public holidays in each financial year? Well, that means the nation has 2.5 (almost three) public holidays in each month; that’s a holiday every week of the month, minus only one week.

That country is Nepal; a landlocked nation in South Asia that has a population of 29 million people. It is mainly situated in the Himalayas. 

Some of the holidays in Nepal are religion-based, with others being gender-exclusive. For instance, there’s a public holiday observed by women only in Nepal.

Cambodia follows Nepal at Number Two when it comes to public holidays, with 28 being celebrated in a financial year in this Asian country.

Cambodia uses the Khmer traditional calendar based on the movement of the moon. Therefore, some public holidays are subject to change every year based on the lunar calendar.

The Cambodian Government has, however, announced plans to reduce the number of public holidays to at most 21 in each financial year.

Sri Lanka, another Asian country, has 25 national holidays in each financial year.

Bangladesh, also in Asia, comes fourth with 22 public holidays annually. Egypt, an African country, also has 22 public holidays in each financial year. That translates to nearly-two holidays every month.

Just like Bangladesh and Egypt, Lichtenstein, a European country, also has 22 public holidays in one financial year.

India, a country in Asia, follows with 21 public holidays. The nature of holidays in India appeals to culture, national values and religion.

Argentina, with 19 holidays in 365 days, is the eighth country in the world with “extremely high” number of holidays. Its key holiday is celebrated on July 9, when the country attained self-rule. Others are May Revolution (May 25), National Flag Day (June 20) and José de San Martín death day (August 17). Martín is regarded as a national hero of Argentina, Chile and Peru, a great military commander, and one of the liberators of Spanish South America.

Just like Argentina, Lebanon, a western Asia country, also has 19 public holidays. Its key public holiday is November 22, when the country attained independence.

South American country, Colombia, celebrates 18 public holidays in a year. Twelve of these are Catholic-founded, while six are civic in nature.

Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean nation, also recognises 18 public holidays in a year.

Hong Kong and Tanzania celebrate 17 public holidays in a year each.

In Tanzania, an East African country neighbouring Kenya and Uganda, eight holidays are religion-based, three are government-suggested and two are observed to commemorate deaths of national heroes.

Kenya, which has 11 public holidays in a year, is in compliance with the global average of 11 holidays in each financial year.

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