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I'll cut taxes to ease pain of high cost, Mwaure says in manifesto

By Grace Ng'ang'a - Jul 5th 2022
Agano party leader and presidential candidate Waihiga Mwaure spoke to the press about his Manifesto during a press conference in Nairobi. [Esther Jeruto, Standard]

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure has promised to cut Pay as You Earn (PAYE) by 50 per cent to cushion Kenyans from the tough economic times.

Mwaure yesterday launched his 12-point manifesto which includes dissolving Nairobi city County.

Mr Mwaure also vowed to support entrepreneurs by doing away with tax compliance certificates for government tender applications and empowering all government agencies to make payments after deducting all tax applicable. He further said the county and national government pending bills will be verified and converted into government bonds.

The presidential candidate further noted that within his first days in office, his government will issue an executive order to declare a waiver on all tax penalties accrued by business owners that fail to file tax returns or pay tax altogether. He said he will convene a tax reforms commission to help simplify tax laws.

“We shall wave tax penalties that have been accrued until the day we are sworn in to enable businesses, farmers and start-ups who are forced to hide from the taxman. But between now and then, we encourage you to fulfil your obligations.” 

On matters of health, he said his government will conduct a lifestyle audit and vetting of all employees of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) as a way of cleaning the sector.

“I believe enough money can be saved in the fight against corruption in the health sector to provide free health to all Kenyans,’’ he said.

To ensure there is universal health coverage, Mr Waihiga said his government would ensure NHIF contribution is subsidised. Further, a national health commission will be put in place to tame the rising health costs in both public and private hospitals.

His administration has guaranteed free education at all levels and includes significant tax breaks for firms that take fresh graduates for attachments.

In agriculture, he will, within his first days of office, reduce the price of maize flour to Sh100. 

He also vowed to ban the importation of basic food commodities like maize, rice and any other locally grown food to guarantee maximum returns for farmers.

His administration will also not forget the Church as he will employ all clergy of registered churches as alternative dispute resolution officers as well as the Khadhis. He will work towards a constitutional amendment to separate religion from the State to cure what he termed unequal treatment of religions.

The Asset Recovery Agency will be moved to his office as he aims to recover the Sh1.5 trillion he claimed is stolen and stashed abroad.

He also said his government will make public contracts with foreign entities starting with SGR and the expressway. [Grace Ng’ang’a]

The county governments will be considered in his government as he pledged to increase the revenue allocation to counties to 40 per cent.

Financial aid

His running mate Ruth Mutua sought financial aid to help finance their campaign across the 47 counties.  

She said they are sure of it as the rest of the candidates have nothing new to offer to Kenyans.

“Out of the four candidates who can we trust to implement the agenda, a government working for the good of all Kenyans, to take care of you and your family? We are a new broom; we are coming to bring change. Why should we recycle and have another defaulted five years?” Mutua said.

Glance box

Enhance AGPO reservation limit from the current 30% to a high of 50%.

Do away with the need for AGPO certificate, as well as  Tax Compliance Certificates for government tender application and empower all government agencies to make payments after deducting all taxes applicable.

Waive all standing tax penalties upon assuming office.

Work towards a constitutional amendment to separate religion from state or cure the “unequal treatment of religions by the 2010 constitution.”

Ensure KCCB/ NCCK/EAK/OAIC-K are members of the Nairobi Centre for Arbitration and designated chairs of this centre.

Introduce a pollution tax on users and manufacturers of any type of plastic item.

Reserve garbage collection to companies owned by the youth groups in villages appointed by village councils.

KPLC to divest to distributing off-grid solutions like Solar & Wind turbines.

Respect and defend the constitution of Kenya 2010 and guard against attempts to mutilate it though un-procedural amendments.

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