There were several programmes aired in the teething years when Kenya Television Network (KTN) was the only private, free-to-air local station, and which got viewers trooping home to watch Hangin’ with Mr Cooper, Friends and repeats from CNN.
Sundays were not complete without watching the canned laughter accompanying Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

KTN Channel 62 was such a novelty and break from Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), that viewers went home to marvel at the sight of continuity announcers like Jimmy Gathu, then sporting a boyish baby face, informing viewers about upcoming programmes that included late night screening of Style with Elsa Clench. KTN also created Kenya’s earliest television stars: Catherine Kasavuli, Joseph Warugu, Raphael Tuju, Jacquelene Thom, Zain Verjee, Fayaz Qureshi, Patricia Gashengu, Christine Nguku, Mercy Oburu, Lydia Manyasi, Ruth Mutia, Isaiah Kabira, Annette Kanana-Bazira, Kathleen Openda and Njoroge Mwaura and his top notch diction. Then there was news editor Oliver Litondo, Jeff Koinange wowing Kenyans with American twang and Esther Mbondo presenting music, Pinky Ghelani hosting Club Kiboko.

Oh! How can one forget Gathu’s Rap ‘Em, Kass Kass, Rastrut, Jam-a-Delic and Rythmix, besides Neighbours that aired daily before the 7pm news!