Peter Kibaru a survivor of the Mlima wa Kiu accident along Mombasa Nairobi highway that left 10 people dead. He was admitted at Makindu sub-county hospital [Stephen Nzioka, Standard]

Survivors of the Mlima Kiu accident in Makueni County yesterday could not recall what exactly happened before they found themselves in hospitals.

Peter Kibaru, who was recuperating at Makindu Sub-County Hospital, told The Standard he had dozed off when the collision happened.

“I was asleep when the accident occurred. I only found myself lying outside the lorry that we were traveling in towards Mombasa for a borehole drilling assignment,” recalled Kibaru.

Khamisi Nyayo, who was coming from Simba Cement, Emali, headed to Lukenya, sustained head injuries.

“My truck was going at 10km/h while climbing the Salama steep when I heard a loud bang. I tried to avoid an oncoming lorry but due to the low speed I was unable to go off the road and that is how I got involved in the accident that involved several vehicles,” said Nyayo.

Among those who died on the spot was the driver to the hired matatu from Nakuru. The deceased’s brother Patrick Nyabuga described his sibling as a seasoned driver with over 20 years’ experience on the road.

“I spoke with my brother on the same day and he told me he was leaving Mombasa and we planned to meet in Nairobi the following day,” said Nyabuga.

The accident left 10 people dead while 12 others sustained injuries. According to police, a lorry that was coming from Nairobi direction towards Mombasa changed lanes colliding head-on with a matatu, triggering multiple crashes at the spot on the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.

Jane Mwende, Sultan Hamud hospital medical superintendent said most of the bodies received at the morgue were of the same family from Nakuru.

“We managed to stabilise most of the patients before transferring some to Makindu sub-county hospital. At the facility we have one patient who is undergoing CT scan. Most of the patients have been transferred to Nakuru by their relatives,” added Dr Mwende.

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) director general George Njau yesterday visited the scene where he said lacked of crucial road signs for warning drivers.

“We urge all motorists to be extra cautious and adhere to road rules. We will be conducting a crackdown on all our roads across the country over this issue of speeding,” said Njau.