Kenya’s current biggest national disaster is the Uhuru and Ruto administration, not drought


Kenya must be one of the places where history repeats itself into oblivion, leaving it with just current affairs. Nothing is new under the sun, no doubt, but problems should not recur when there are resources for solving them.

There is a reason why problems are never solved. Politicians feel that with a permanent solution, they will lose relevance.

They enjoy keeping citizens in perpetual state of sufferance so they can be worshipped when they practice tokenism.

Problem is, the political leaders continue to thrive and their personal problems get solved. When they want votes, and this is a tired line, they promise to solve all the problems Kenyans face, starting with ending corruption, and later, engage in more corrupt practices.

Ending corruption has been a chorus for eons. Successive governments have promised to fight it, but they can’t since it is the main driver of politicians’ economic success.

It is also the cause of all recurring problems. Lasting solutions to problems caused by natural calamities cannot be found because resources allocated towards mitigating them are diverted to private pockets.

Victims of such calamities are encouraged to worship sufferance, embrace poverty, so that they can be saved by the thieves who masquerade as magnanimous politicians.

And it has come to pass, that this year too, millions of Kenyans are facing starvation and untold suffering because of drought. Again, it has come to pass, that the government has launched an appeal for Sh15 billion to fight the effects of drought in 23 counties.

Early last month, the drought was declared a national disaster, as if it came in a flash, and there were no public-funded resources to predict weather patterns.

The national disaster is Kenya’s political leadership, not drought, and citizens are victims of government’s inertia.

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