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Man to serve two years in prison for threatening to kill his mother


A Kayole man who threatened to kill his mother and then attempted to jump off the third floor over a radio has been put under a two-year probation after he pleaded guilty.

Amos Muinde Ann was reported to have caused disturbance on May 4 by threatening to kill his mother Lucy Ann Muinde at their home in Kayole.

Amos admitted to a Makadara court that he arrived home where his mother was a caretaker at about 11:30pm and started banging on the door demanding food. Since he was drunk, his mother told him to go sleep in his room and ask for food the following day when sober.

The court heard that a hungry Amos was angered by his mother’s move and turned on loud music. Neighbours started complaining of the noise, saying it denied them sleep.

When his mother went to his room and asked him to turn off the music, he could hear none of it. His mother confiscated the radio and took it to her house. He however followed her, armed with a metal bar.

He started demanding for food again, threatening to kill her if she did not give him. He then set his mother’s curtains on fire.

The woman blew a whistle to alert neighbours, who rescued her. He went to the third floor, from where he threatened to jump down, but the neighbours restrained him.