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Chaos erupt as street kid finds wife in another man's 'house'


There was drama in the city centre recently as two street boys engaged in a bitter argument over a woman.

The incident happened along Kenyatta Avenue where street families spend the night, keeping themselves warm with sacks and cartons.

The drama began after one of them suspected the other of eloping with his “wife” who is also a member of the street family.

“Wewe Njoro nimekuwa nakushuku sana, na leo nimekupata, (Njoro I have suspected you for long and today I have finally caught you),” complained the cuckolded man. 

The bitter street boy complained that he had gone to look for food for his family but on returning, he found Njoro sleeping next to his wife. 

Their altercation which lasted about 10 minutes caught many people reporting for work by surprise as the duo hurled unprintables at each other. Other street boys and girls stepped in and prevented the two from engaging in a physical fight.

There have been efforts to rid the CBD of the street families, but they start trooping back in large numbers after their removal. Their presence in town poses a significant security challenge.