Comedian Eric Omondi and socialite Amber Ray. 

Comedian Eric Omondi and socialite Amber Ray have announced their newest venture into the music industry with an upcoming song and fans cannot keep calm.

Taking to their respective social media pages to share the exciting news, Amber Ray revealed herself as the newest rapper in town, stating that unlike most artists, she will not need clout to draw attention to her music.

“Wachana na wale wakutusumbua na clout alafu wanatoa ngoma wakiongea, mimi ndio the latest rapper in town,” she wrote.

Eric, on the other hand, promised his fans a never seen before music video that will act as an example to other artists on how real music should be made.

“This Friday at 10am we will show the INDUSTRY what a 3.8 Million Video looks like. We have done a Song with @iam_amberay just to show the Industry how it's done #P*SSIES,” he posted.

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Although the news was welcomed positively by most online users, rapper Khaligraph Jones strongly disagreed with the comedians’ decision, going on to share his contrary sentiments on the matter.

According to the OG, Eric should avoid clout chasing at all costs and focus on one cause if he wants to make a difference in the youth’s lives stating that his lack of direction will end up doing more harm than good to content creators. 

“You need to pick 1 fight bro ndio tukuchukue serious. Yesterday you were spearheading a very important agenda which made me go the studio and record a song addressing the same matter. For once I was on the same page with you. Leo sasa umeingia tena clout chasing? Alafu Kesho tena uanze Ku address President kama comedian Rika yako? We ndio utafanya content creators wakuwe taxed, grow up,” wrote Khaligraph.

Singer Nadia Mukami too joined in in the conversation and seconded Khaligraph explaining that Eric was previously headed in the right direction by being the voice of creatives and sharing their sentiments, but seems to have lost touch with what is really important.

“Eric you had a clear vision and your statements made sense!! But you keep changing your tune every single day!!! We cannot take you seriously! Jana I was in a discussion nakutetea that finally Eric has chosen a direction! Leo I come here and see this nonesense!! As OG said unafanya tusichukuliwe serious as an industry! Hizi clout chase na our industry haibambi ata kidogo!!! Pick a side! NKT,” added Nadia.

However, according to Eric’s latest online post , the fight for content creators will not be affected by his interest to venture into music and has therefore put in place plans to ensure they are catered for.  

“Most content creators especially online media are new to this game...Most of them are only beginning to find their footing. They have been here less than a year. We should help them, support them for at least 1 year before we think of taxing them. Most of them don’t have enough followers yet and they make peanuts which is already taxed by YouTube. Let's give them a little space to grow,” he shared.


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