A move by Deputy Governor Fred Kirui to celebrate the construction of a wooden bridge at a village in Kipkelion has elicited mixed reactions among leaders and residents.

The previous bridge on Kipchorian River connecting Kabunech village and Kipkelion town was swept away by floods in April, forcing residents to risk their lives while crossing the swollen river.

Geoffrey Mutai, a resident questioned how Kirui, an engineer, would celebrate a makeshift bridge.

"If it was done by a commoner or the community itself, it would have made sense. But a whole Deputy Governor? We are being played here," he said.

Another resident, Cheruiyot Kirui argued that Kirui should use the county's emergency fund to build a proper bridge. Jeff Mutai, a resident also questioned whether the DG used his own money to build the bridge.

In his defense, Kirui said the bridge was a temporary measure. "Assuming we had everything, how would construction be done during this rainy period. I can bet that the earliest we can have a permanent bridge is next March. Anyone with a contrary opinion does not mean well for the people," he stated.

Judy Chepkoech defended the DG, praising his use of engineering skills. "Thanks to his efforts, children can go to school," she said.