Easy Coach bus. [File, Standard]

You can now carry Omena or mbuta in your luggage, on condition that it is well packed, Easy Coach has said. 

Easy Coach, a long-distance transportation company, has lifted the temporary ban on transporting fish and fish products, which it had imposed on Friday, August 11.

According to a statement dated August 15, the ban was imposed following complaints of poorly packaged fish ruining other people’s luggage.

The company however lifted it on condition that the products be properly packaged while being transported.

“The suspension has been lifted and you can now carry your fried, dried, smoked, salted; Mbuta, ngege, kamongo and omena, only as accompanied luggage on our buses on condition that it is appropriately packed,” said Easy Coach. 

Easy Coach handles long-distance transportation of people and goods and operates in more than 35 routes with the main ones being from Nairobi to Sirare, Mumias, Kitale, Busia, Malaba, and from Kisumu to Nairobi towns.