I have previously expressed my admiration for the parenting system employed by many first-world countries. Of course, I am referring to the general approach of fostering independence in children so that they can rely on themselves when they eventually leave the nest.

In the first world, parents have the advantage of providing their children with opportunities to engage in manual or part-time jobs while they are still in college. This allows them to develop the discipline of saving money and exposes them to the realities of life, teaching them the importance of hard work.

Through these jobs, they quickly learn the value of time management and the need for discipline. Moreover, they often have to sacrifice their free time, which requires a great deal of discipline. An additional benefit of this approach is that it instils a sense of respect for fellow workers who are in lower positions once they assume management roles.

Many parents in these countries, particularly the affluent ones, ensure that their children receive the essentials while also preparing them for the future.

Inheritances are not guaranteed, with parents often opting to leave only a percentage of their wealth. They understand the importance of earning one’s inheritance through merit. For instance, Shaquille O’Neal, one of the wealthiest former basketball players, requires his children to obtain two university degrees if they wish to access their substantial inheritance. He has six children and has imposed strict rules on how they can secure a portion of his wealth.

Another notable example is Bill Gates, a billionaire, who has decided not to leave any inheritance to his children. Instead, he has provided them with every opportunity to receive an education.

He has assured them of a mere ten million dollars each, while the majority of his wealth will remain with the foundation. This approach resonates with the traditional values that many of us grew up with, where we were unaware of our parents’ financial status. Our parents would emphasize the importance of hard work and self-sufficiency.

Parents, do not spoil your children. The only thing you can guarantee them is a good education.

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