Amber Ray and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo. 

Socialite Amber Ray’s boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo, has decided to live a low-key life to keep idlers at bay.

Revealing his plans in a recent social media post, the businessman explained that he preferred being invisible to leave idlers uncertain of his moves.

“I prefer to stay low key, leave idlers clueless and let them assume what they want,” he wrote.

 Kennedy Rapudo. (Courtesy)

Before going public with his relationship with Amber Ray, Kennedy enjoyed a quite social media life interacting with a few fans and friends on his page.

Everything, however, changed after the social media influencer introduced him as her new lover.

The two took social media by storm with their revelation, with numerous pictures of them enjoying each other’s company doing rounds on various social platforms.


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“Partner in crime for life,” Kennedy captioned his photo while posing with Amber Ray.

The mother of one followed suit and posted a picture with her man with the caption, “It’s the dimple for me.”

Not too long ago, the couple was rumoured to have ended their relationship after they both unfollowed each other on social media, only to go on a romantic vacation a few weeks later.

 Amber Ray. 

While on the trip, Amber Ray talked about how much love she felt from her man, assuring her that she had finally found her soul mate.

Despite having a good time on their vacation, Amber Ray endlessly complained about how reserved Kennedy was, constantly forcing her to cover up anytime she recorded a video for social media.

“How will I stun my online fans with all these restrictions?” she questioned.

Amber Ray and Kennedy’s relationship has been envied by many, including her Sierra Leone ex-boyfriend, basketball player Kabba who, despite his disagreement with Amber, noted that he was not jealous of her new catch.

According to Kabba, there is no reason for him to hate Amber as he tried dating her but realized she was not the person she claimed to be before deciding to end the relationship.

“That is nothing to be proud of by the way. I have been there dear, I am not jealous,” he said.

Amber wished Kabba well in a retort, hoping he would one day find the happiness he so much desires.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but I really hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have,” Amber responded.

Since their break up, Amber and Kabba have been on each other’s necks over their dissolved relationship.