Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer

Award-winning British actor Daniel Kaluuya has revealed that he was over the moon when he learnt he will co-star with American actress Lauren Keyana Palmer better known as Keke Palmer in a social thriller horror movie Nope.

Speaking to Brian Aseli of KTN News, the Ugandan native disclosed that he spent over two hours on phone with Oscar winner Jordan Peele who is the writer, producer and director of the film to understand his role.

“He called me up during the pandemic and we were on the phone for like 2 hours just talking about the film. And I was curious who was playing Emerald because that was key…and he said Keke Palmer. I said you got a hit,” he said.

Keke Palmer, who plays Emerald Haywood - an aspiring actor, singer and stuntwoman, revealed that it was really smooth working with Kaluuya in the film due to their chemistry from the word go.

“When I met Daniel, I immediately felt that Jordan must have known that we will both fit so well together because the chemistry was bonkers. At that point, I think that became like the centerpiece for fun-time filming,” she said.

Talking about her character, Keke admitted that she loved it but was not blind to the task that was ahead of her.

“The script itself is just incredible.  I fell in love with my character right away and knew I will have a lot of fun. I knew it will be a challenge but fun playing her,” she added.

Kaluuya, who plays OJ Haywood, Emerald’s brother, stated that Keke made it a lot easier for him to adjust comfortably and settle in the role.

“Keke is good vibes. She is good energy. I have always wanted to meet Keke, I can’t even lie about that. But when I found out that I will co-star with her, everything else became so effortless,” he said.

In the film, OJ and Emerald begin observing unexplained phenomena on their vast ranch that leads them down an obsessive rabbit hole—plotting attempts to capture the mystery on camera. Their adventure and curious nature put at risk the only thing they truly have: the hard-earned business of their late John Henry-esque father.

Nope a dark pop nightmare of uncanny science fiction and complex social thriller, unpacks the seeds of violence, risk and opportunism.

Urging their fans to watch the family-friendly film, Keke cautioned that after watching the film, one should be ready to have some difficult conversations afterwards.

“Nope is a film you can watch with the whole family despite a few curse words. The horror has a lot to say about what’s going on in our society right now. Obsession with attention, and the violence of viewing etc. It has a lot of different layers to it so go in with an open mind. Be ready to have a lot of conversations afterwards. Be ready to make it a discussion because that’s what it is for,” she said.