Ever wondered how much your entertainers are paid to thrill you during events? Artistes’ requirements and rate cards vary depending on their demand, as Pulse realised while sampling some:

 Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol – Between Sh800,000 to Sh5 million

Sauti Sol is arguably the most popular boy-band in the region. Having bagged a number of prestigious awards, among them the MTV Africa Music Awards and won over many hearts across the region, Sauti Sol comes out as one of the best packaged groups around.

They operate professionally when it comes to booking shows and they have different managers who play different roles in running their affairs.

For local shows they charge about Sh800,000 for an ordinary concert although the amount differs depending on client and distance.

For events outside the country, they are said to charge between Sh3 million and Sh5 million, this is before factoring other demands they might have on the rate card.

 King Kaka

King Kaka – Sh250,000

The owner of Kaka Empire has Avril and Timmy T-Dat among other established artistes, who jumped ship from other labels, under his management. This is one artiste who always thinks business when transacting business deals.

King Kaka can open negotiations for a fee somewhere around Sh250,000 – this according to sources being the mount he charges for a road show. You might have to part with Sh100,000 to Sh150,000 if you want him for a school gig.

Avril - Between Sh150,000 and Sh250,000

The Kaka Empire signee can now be called an old cat in the game. Her name has been growing fast from signing a deal with a phone company to her music doing well in the charts.

If one wants to see Avril at a concert around the city then her bill will be Sh250,000 and if you want to take her for a road show then Sh150,000 will be do.

Timmy T-Dat – Sh250,000

The Kasabun-bred rapper has been receiving criticism for his lacklustre lyrics but he says that he doesn’t give a damn, he is here to entertain the masses and pay bills through the art.

And true to that, Timmy’s star has been on the rise and his demand for shows has been increasing with each day. And like Avril the Kata Wembe singer pockets Sh250,000 for an ordinary concert and Sh150,000 for a road trip.

Prezzo – Sh100,000

CMB Prezzo has been making his comeback since last year. Having done at least three collabo’s since June last year, Prezzo believes he is on the verge of making it back to the top.

To get CMB Prezzo to perform in the city, you might have to part with between Sh80,000 to Sh100,000 and the amounts increase as you get him out of the city.

However, speaking to Pulse, the My City My Town rapper says he can’t disappoint his fans simply because a promoter can’t afford to pay for the amount, and that is why he has been doing many free shows.   

 Otile Brown

Otile – Sh150,000

He once claimed that he is the highest paid musician in Kenya, but who believed him? The controversial musician isn’t anywhere near the top guns who reap big from the art.

Word has it that he recently performed for free at an entertainment joint but to look good on the business side of life he is said to ask for an amount not higher than Sh150,000.

Gabu – Sh100,000

The only visible member of P-Unit has been busy putting music out there and doing shows. He has been working hard to stay afloat and ahead of the competition.

If you want to see the ‘Bugubugu’ vibe in your club around Nairobi and a corporate event then you will have to part with Sh100,000 for a one-hour performance and double the amount outside the city.

The aforementioned rates are for play back. If you want him to perform with a band then the price might go higher, depending with the location.

Mercy Masika

The queen of the gospel industry has no fixed prices for shows. The rates depend on the needs of the client but she doesn’t come cheap.

She can perform with a live band, dancers, choir, playback and can even have skits on stage performed by her crew. The talented gospel queen sometimes even ministers for free but on average, Sh150,000 works well with her for a show.

 Willy Paul

Willy Paul – Sh250,000

He calls himself the best performer in the country and has recently adopted a new nick name ‘African Star’.

Despite being snubbed by many gospel shows and awards for a controversial lifestyle he still sits at the top in the list of highest earners from shows.

Word has it that he charges Sh250,000 for a concert. For corporates the amounts are higher.

Bahati – Sh500,000

The CEO of EMB Records has been the go-to guy if you want to pull a good crowd. He has been taking his business seriously.

For corporate events he asks for Sh500,000 and Sh300,000 for concerts around the capital. If you want him to perform longer, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.

 Bruz Newton

Bruz Newton – Sh100,000

Since his switch from dance to music, the singer has had it easy in the industry. The songs he has released so far have kept him on people’s lips for some time now.

The growth of his music, however, has made him an expensive affair for clients who may require his services. Word has it that he quoted Sh400,000 for the Recharge concert, but the reality is he asks between Sh100,000 and Sh150,000 for a show.

DJ Sadic – Sh150,000

The DJ is also the CEO of the Genius Entertainment group, which has a new entrant, Genius Records. The entertainment group provides everything entertainment; sound system, MCs and even dancers.

For a wedding around the city the group asks for Sh150,000 - that includes their sound system. For a church performance the least amount that he can take is Sh50,000. The rates depend on the duration and the location of the said events.

DJ Ruff – Sh50,000

The two-time winner of the coveted Groove Awards has been busy tutoring and doing shows on radio and TV.

For events around the capital the DJ says he can charge Sh50,000 for a one-hour set. For events like weddings and corporate events, the charges start at Sh100,000.

Kush Tracey – Sh70,000

The Mawe hit maker recently won the coveted Pulse Music Video Awards Female Artiste of the year in what had been a happy and good year for her. She doesn’t come cheap for events but she is always ready to negotiate.

If you want her to ‘Rusha Mawe’ for you in a concert away from the city the charges start at Sh70,000.

H_Art the Band – Sh200,000

The trio have been the next big thing poised to follow in the footsteps of Sauti Sol. Their releases have been hit after another and their performances are electrifying.

If you want them to perform acoustics then their bill stands at Sh150,000 - with a half band. If you want a full band then the bill is at Sh150,000 in Nairobi and Sh200,000 outside the city.

DJ Malaika – Sh40,000

DJ Malaika is a fast -rising female DJ in the capital who is looking to dethrone old cats in the game and be the go-to DJ for concerts.

Like other deck mistresses, the rates she charges vary depending on the client she is handling. Generally, for a one-hour set, she charges Sh40,000.

 Mbusi and Lion

Mbusi and Lion – Sh100,000

The two radio presenters and reggae ambassadors co-own and run Hakuna Mbrr entertainment outfit. For any reggae gig the outfit charges Sh100,000.