We take a look at some of the challenges millennials face in dating [Courtesy]

Every generation can be described by its distinct qualities whether we are talking finances, relationships or just general personalities. Depending on which generational category you fall under, there are similar trends that can be spotted.

On the topic of dating specifically, we have trends that are common across different generations including millennials, the silent generation as well as any other living generation right now.

If you do some observation, you will be able to identify specific relationship problems that millennials have been going through such as these mentioned in the list below.

Commitment phobia

Millennials seem to have a lot of anxiety when it comes to committing. Part of the reason is that there is less confidence in the marriage institution and also, a number of them have experienced terrible past relationships that have completely killed the motivation to settle down.

And as we speak, millennials are spoilt for choice especially with so much technology available where they are one swipe away from a hook up. They are reluctant to settle down when there might be someone better in the future.

Mental health struggles

Millennials also handle mental health problems differently as compared to gen Z or baby boomers. They grew up at a time when issues like depression and anxiety weren’t considered that serious and that has led to more complications when it comes to dating.

Many millennials still carry past family trauma into their relationships and statistically, they are one of the most depressed generations.

 Many millennials still carry past family trauma into their relationships and statistically, they are one of the most depressed generations [Courtesy]

This is a big issue particularly with millennial men who are more resistant about going for therapy. That however is changing as more of them are seeking therapy now.

Financial quarrels

Now this is a very big issue that has put stress on millennial love today. There is the problem of poor money management since many millennials aren’t saving enough or budgeting and there is also another issue when it comes to their expectations and financial responsibilities.

It is complicated because some millennials still want the family structure they grew up with where the husband provides while some would rather start a family with a 50/50 responsibility mindset.

Social media fights

Millennials have embraced technology more as compared to older generations. They are a very tech savvy bunch which has been both a blessing and a curse in dating.

Issues like oversharing photos and personal details on social media, divided views on sharenting and online cheating have strained relationships even more.

These are real problems that therapists continue to deal with when counselling millennial couples.

Co-parenting struggles

Out of wedlock children is huge in the millennial generation. There is a shift in perspective on whether you should wait to get married before you have kids and also, financial struggles have pushed many of them to settle for a come we stay family arrangement.

These decisions have led to more situations where relationships are falling apart after kids are in the picture. The bitterness and resentment combined with poor communication has further made millennial couples struggle when it comes to co-parenting.