Men have a right just as women to decide when they want to start a family (Photo: Courtesy)

I recently worked on the article 'Signs she’s really ready to have a baby' and while women were quick to relinquish it, men on the other hand were grateful for the insight.

As a little reprieve, I decided to write a similar piece, except this time it's for our beloved brothers.

Not all men are daddy material and hoping that a baby will miraculously change this is dream most women pray will come true.

So, if you're still unsure whether your partner is planning a future with you or just stringing you along, keep reading this article.

But before I begin, it is important to emphasise that not all these signs mean you should run; rather, you need to initiate a conversation with your partner and clear the air.

So, shall we begin?

He is not financially stable

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Ladies by now you should know your man’s financial capability. How big is his house? Do you guys go on dates or does he support his family? If the answer is no, where will the extra money for a baby come from?

Please relax and stop building castles in the air, a baby isn’t just on the cards right now and you know it.

He is not responsible

It’s a given that a man who has his affairs in order is certainly capable of taking care of a family. But if your man doesn’t prioritise say rent, food and even his own basic needs, sister you are in for a wild ride.

He will neither be able to prioritise your baby or even cater for it.

 If he doesn't like the baby talk, that's a red flag (Photo: Courtesy)
He evades all baby questions

This is a topic that women frequently bring up, and men who know what they want know exactly how to respond.

However, if your man never gives you a straight response or gives you a bad sense about the future, run! He most likely does not want children with you or does not want them at all.

Too hang up on his social life

A man who is eager to settle down and be a father will pave the way for this, but who are you kidding if your man still goes to work on a Monday hangover?

Remember having a baby is like having a fulltime job, how will your partner help you with the baby at night when he isn’t even present?

He is career driven

If his future is all about getting that promotion, getting his dream car and a big house where his friends can come over for drinks and games, checkmate sister!

Where do you figure in the equation when your guy isn't planning to start a family soon, let alone marry you?

He says he doesn’t want kids

Last but not least, if your partner has stated unequivocally that he does not want children or shows no interest at all, you should pay attention.

You're probably hoping that this is just a phase that he'll grow out of if only you could become pregnant, but no sister, you'll be a single mom.

Tip: Unlike women, who are intricate and subtle in their movements, men are straight to the point. If he’s is ready to start a family, you will definitely know it!