Residents of Sacha'ngwan along the Nakuru-Eldoret road at the scene where Cattle udders were dumped by unknown people on September 27, 2022. [Harun Wathari, Standard]

It was a bizarre scene after dozens of  were dumped in the middle of the road at Sachang’wan on the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

The udders, which were still spilling milk as vehicles ran over them, attracted a large crowd amid suspicion that some ritual may have been done at the scene.

Residents embarked on a search mission within the nearby bushes, but couldn’t find slaughtered animals.

Rachel Maru said she lost count after she got to 40, with more udders strewn off the road by speeding vehicles.

“At first we thought someone had been ran over at night. On a closer look, we realised they were udders. Milk was still dripping from them,” she said.

Maru said there were no reports of stolen livestock in the area, which made the discovery more confusing.

“These (animals) must have been stolen and slaughtered elsewhere.”

Maru said in the Kalenjin culture, cows’ udders are highly regarded as they produce milk, which is used to make the traditional mursik.

“If it was any other part of the cow we would have ignored. The people who did this had no respect for the precious animals,” she said.

Local clergy led prayers at the scene, which has been a notorious black spot.

“This is not a normal thing. Who slaughters such a high number of dairy cattle at a go? It doesn’t make economic sense. We have to cleanse this scene to rid it of any evil plans,” said Charles Too, a pastor.

“We are holding to our faith that nothing evil will happen here. We have had a dark history with this highway and we wouldn’t leave anything to chance for that to recur.”