The man's odd antics were caught on CCTV

A bizarre CCTV clip has emerged showing the moment a man performs a sex act on a motorbike in full view of security cameras.

The footage shows the man in what appears to be a motorcycle showroom, sitting on top of a bike with his trousers down.

The sickening clip captures the man dropping his trousers several times, at one point rolling the vehicle towards the centre of the room.

Apparently hearing a noise in the adjoining room, he quickly stands up and dressed himself.

But as soon as he realises he's alone again, he resumes his odd antics.

Unsurprisingly, viewers made plenty of jokes about the footage, with one writing: "Her name was Sue Zuki."

Another added: "Didn't even stick around to cuddle?"

The footage has been viewed 54,247 times since it was uploaded just 24 hours ago.