Akuku Danger [Instagram]

Comedian Akuku Danger is now fully recovered and was on Monday, June 19, discharged from the Nairobi West Hospital where he has been receiving treatment for the past two weeks.

Akuku was, however, barred from leaving the hospital following a Sh823,000 bill he is yet to clear.

This is according to his girlfriend, actress Sandra Dacha, who explained that his insurance had taken care of the initial bill but there was a huge balance.

“@itsakukudanger the Comedian has been admitted at Nairobi West Hospital for the past two weeks and has since accrued a bill of Kshs823,000 after deductions from his Insurance and cash deposits too,” she wrote.

Sandra went on to explain that the hospital has refused to accept collateral to allow Akuku settle the bill out of hospital.

In an attempt to help her boyfriend settle the bill, Sandra has called upon anyone willing to offer financial assistance to come forward and help out.

“He got discharged Yesterday but the hospital is detaining him until he pays the remaining balance. The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that he can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way please reach us,” she added.

Sandra Dacha [Instagram]

This is not the first time the comedian has had to spend time in hospital. A few months ago Akuku Danger almost lost his life after spending weeks in ICU and later the High Dependency Unit due to lung failure and a kidney infection.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment in a previous interview, Akuku revealed that he has had Sickle cell anemia since childhood and it affected some organs in his body.

On the day of his admission, he says he felt something was wrong with his body and since he knew of his condition, immediately took himself to hospital.

“I know my body and since I have had sickle cell anemia since birth, I know when something is wrong. When I took myself to hospital I had breathing difficulties.

His care at the vicinity accrued a bill of Sh2.6million and through his insurance was able to settle Sh1.2million.

Akuku, through Sandra, pleaded with fans to help him clear the remaining balance, to which well-wishers came out in numbers to show their love and support for him.

“Good news is that Akuku Danger has now been transferred to the general ward. The hospital bill stands at 2.6M but we've managed to pay 1.2M. So we have a balance of 1.4M and this bill is not final and it's subject to change until Akuku is discharged. We are urgently planning for a fundraiser because we don't have money as of now. Please help us. Don’t get tired of sending even if you already sent. You can send again and again,” said Sandra at the time.