Harmonize [Instagram]

With a career spanning 11 years, Harmonize, real name Rajab Abdula Kahali, was in tutelage under Wasafi Records before he called it quits.

There was push and pull over his musical career with Wasafi Records and Diamond Platnumz after their unceremonious fallout, which saw Harmonize start his own label, Konde Gang.

As Music Worldwide would describe his journey, “he has clambered his way through smelly and hellish situations, but managed to come out with a flowery smell”.

Wasafi is credited as his propelling platform, which he doesn’t dispute. “Despite being my brother and friend, like in any other relationship we are no longer close and it’s a normal thing. I have nothing against him. I respect Diamond a lot for inspiring and mentoring me musically. I am indebted to him for being the force behind my music success,” he says.

But where did the friction start?

“When I was down during the initial stages of my music career, we were inseparable. Diamond put in a lot of effort to support and boost my music career. I owe my success to God and Diamond,” he says, adding that as a token of appreciation he has a tattoo of Diamond on his arm.

But like a bad plot in a Spanish movie, today the two do not see eye to eye.  Harmonize traces their strained relationship to 2021, when he sent a congratulatory message to Bongo artiste, Rayvanny, also part of Wasafi Records, for being the first Tanzanian artiste to make history by performing along Colombian singer, Maluma at the MTV EMA.

He says the video was posted by Diamond, on social media.

“The outcome was shocking, going by Dangote’s reaction. He removed Rayvanny from his upcoming song they were scheduled to do together. Tension kept mounting. It was like a bomb waiting to explode,” says Harmonize.

 Diamond [Instagram]

Harmonize regrets things took a turn for the worse after this.  All hell nearly broke loose during a major show attended by thousands of fans in his home area of Mtwara. Diamond was present, but declined to take to the stage during one of their major collaborations, an act that disappointed the fans.

To add insult to injury, Konde Boy was hurt the most when Diamond allegedly accused his father, a religious man, using witchcraft to destroy his music.

Harmonize later embarked on a journey to Nigeria and upon returning, Diamond allegedly refused to talk to him for two months. “He went ahead to poison my fans against me regardless of my immense contribution towards Wasafil,” he rues.

Harmonize says many saw him as a traitor and villain going by their negative comments on social media.

He says efforts to have Wasafi manager, Joe Kusaga and Diamond’s mum intervene bore no fruits. He was on his own. He finally made a decision to quit Wasafi, a move that left him teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. 

He says he pleaded with Joe to assist him get Diamond terminate his contract. Luckily, he was able to get his contract termination at a cost of Tsh500 million (KSh24.9 million today). He says his career has since then blossomed beyond expectation

“I believe I will be the best Bongo musician one day,” he says.