Akothee [Instagram]

Flamboyant singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has called out fellow celebrities who fake their lifestyle to impress fans. Taking to social media, the mother of five revealed that she almost gets embarrassed on their behalf.

“The rate at which celebrities try to prove how rich they are is just breaking my ribs. Who are you competing with? You want to kill yourself? Start slowly, no one ever started from the top,” she wrote in part.

According to Akothee, celebrities who fake their lifestyles end up making fools of themselves.

“They chocking themselves and making fools of themselves while fans are watching…I am embarrassed on their behalf,” she added.

Narrating how some celebrities are struggling off cameras, Akothee advised her fans not to be carried away by what they see on social media. She advocated for people to live life at their own pace.

“The way people are struggling off cameras is annoying compared to what is on camera! Omo live your life! These people are acting, don’t kill yourself,” she said.


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Justifying her sentiments, Akothee explained that she knows celebrities who go into debt to maintain a certain image on social media. While at it, Akothee also advised them to consider motivating their fans instead of intimidating them with their fake lifestyles.

“I had to address this because many people are losing their brains, trying to put 1+1 giving them 11. I have not mentioned anyone! But you can come for me if you want. Motivate your fans, stop intimidating them allaaa!! Some of your fans are already doing better than you, but they love your art! Your talent! You don't have to go into debts just to prove who? For what? For how?,” she added.

Mental health

Earlier this week, Akothee also came out to address issues around mental health. In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram, the Abebo hitmaker explained that mental issues could be triggered by various factors, including one’s living conditions.

“Mental health can easily be activated by your environment, the people you relate with and even your relationship. The feeling of uncertainty, not sure of what next and what to expect, may drive you into sleepless nights and excessive tiredness. When you have less sleep, your brain stops functioning and you automatically go into an autopilot mood,” she said.