Stephen Mule aka Flossin Mauwano. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

His signature name continues to arouse different reactions among Kenyans. His conspicuous markings are all over the place.

Stephen Mule aka Flossin Mauwano trended for the better part of the week after his inscription was spotted atop one of the pillars of the Nairobi Expressway, although we are yet to establish the exact place where the photo was taken.

Questions were asked on how he managed to stamp his signature on the raised pillar without being caught. To clear the air, the man has come out and given his side of the story.

“People have been asking how I got all the way up, but to be honest, Flossin Mauwano is a movement and one of my fans probably did it. Just so to be clear, I am not the one who wrote the graffiti. Actually, I am in awe of how the ardent fan got the signature up there…it’s a puzzle,” he said.

He added that his mission is to create awareness on road safety, something he says Kenyans are taking notice of.

“It is my pride that I came up with something that the community has embraced and it is a big honour.”

 Stephen Mule aka Flossin Mauwano. [Stafford Ondego, Standard]

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Earlier, he had intimated that the expressway was to some extent 'seducing' him.

"I would say I feel some type of way every time I pass by the road," he said.

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However, opinions are divided on whether his style is an expression of art or outright vandalism.

In a previous interview with the Standard, Flossin Mauwano claimed his graffiti is inspired by some tragic events during his childhood, having witnessed his parents get knocked down along Langata Road.

“In 1997, I watched my parents get knocked down on the highway while escaping an irate crowd of youths following election violence that erupted that year. The vivid picture of their lifeless bodies has forever been embedded in my head,” he said.

Since then, Flossin vowed to himself that he would personally take the challenge and warn speeding motorists.

He undertook the expensive venture which has seen him have a couple of run ins with the law. 

“Road signs are always present, but no one cares about them. As an artist, I thought of how to combat the menace and came up with the slogan. It sounds mysterious, but go check, most of the signings are around blackspots.”

"My major goal is to warn drivers to do what they're supposed to do after seeing the tagline." Most drivers feel puzzled when they see that notice…they may not understand it, but they may believe there is a gang around that could strike at any minute, but overall, they become wary of their surroundings."