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Kenyan musician Vivian Wambui popularly known as Vivianne has taken to social media to pour her heart out. Through an Instagram post, the content creator revealed that since around October last year, things have not been okay.

According to her, the week has been the climax of it all. Without giving too much away, Vivian disclosed that she feels many things around her are not working out as they ought to be. She further admitted that she is tired of tough love.

“This week has been very tough. Actually, the last 6 months but this week has summed it up. I feel like many things are not working and I can’t do tough love anymore,” she wrote in part.

Expressing how her current situation has affected her, Vivian said deep down she is not sure of the impact this phase will have on her mental wellness.

“I am extremely hurt and broken and I am not sure what this is doing to my brain,” she added.

Vivian stated that she has been working so hard to get things moving but it seems like nothing is working out at all. However, she is still hopeful that in the end, something good will come out of her misery and she will have a reason to celebrate.


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“I have been working so hard, I hope to get some good news soon,” she continued.

Adding: “May the universe provide me enough grace and care to love myself unconditionally.”

This comes barely a month after she revealed that she had been battling a health condition. Through a long post shared on Instagram, Vivian prayed for complete healing so that she can be able to fight for her music career and royalties.

“My biggest prayer is for God to heal me completely so I'm able to iron out my royalties. Lord please don't take me before I make it work,” she wrote in part.

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