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Size 8 Reborn's new album has various collabos, and one surprising feature is Iyanii, the 'Pombe' hitmaker. The song is now better known as 'above the head below the belly', a contemporary anthem for party-goers.

So how does a gospel artiste and pastor, who has confessed does not even listen to secular music work with the maker of such a song?

Size 8 sought to address this in an interview on Radio Maisha with Emmanuel Mwashumbe and Shuga Boy.

“I met this young guy, he was very kind, very respectful. It’s hard to find that in young people. When I heard he is a secular artist, I did not want to change my perspective about him so I did not listen to his songs. We just went to the studio and recorded a song together,” said the musician sat with husband DJ Mo for the interview.

?In the same interview, Size 8 revealed that she does not receive royalties for the secular songs she did before turning to gospel. 

She said she has never received a single penny or bothered to follow up after seeing the light. “When you decide, you don’t go back. That life is way past me now. I only receive royalties for my gospel songs,” she said.?


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The celebrity couple, popularly known as the Murayas, said they never intended to release a song together. They said it was a random idea that came to both of them, a time Size 8 was doing the final touches of her recent album.

According to Dj Mo, his wife Size 8 was busy in the studio and he jokingly started dedicating a song to her.

“We never planned to have a song together. Size 8 was recording her album and I heard the beats, I started dedicating her a song and that’s how our collabo came. I dedicated the song to her,” he said.

Revealing further details about how the collabo came to be, Dj Mo added that he was just having a normal conversation with his wife and the beat came in. 

Despite this, their song together, 'Songa', is doing quite well, with over 480,000 views on YouTube just three days after it was uploaded. 

DJ Mo, however, clarified that he is not planning to do music more often, saying the collabo with his wife was just a one-time affair.

“I do not plan to do it again. We released this one to encourage other couples but it will not happen again unless God says so but from my side, I don’t intend to do it again. For now, she is the musician amongst us. I can only support her,” he said.

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Speaking about her new album dubbed Gospel Anthem, Size 8 revealed that through the help of her husband, the aim is also to support upcoming artists.

“I would love to see upcoming artists thrive. My husband and I have decided to support young and upcoming artists. We have featured a lot of them in my new album. Our aim is to see growth in the industry. We are planting good seeds,” she revealed.