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Days after her Gospel Anthem album launch was almost tarnished by Ringtone’s sideshows, gospel singer Size 8 has said she has forgiven the Sisi ndio Tuko hitmaker.

Speaking in an interview on Mambo Mseto, Size 8 said Ringtone went against protocol when she invited pastors to anoint her at the launch.

Size 8, who was in the company of her husband DJ Mo, said there was a plan to have different groups of people on stage and they first called pastors.

“It was a minor issue. My wife was launching her album and we had called pastors, artistes, friends and sponsors.

“When she asked pastors to get on stage, Ringtone came to the front. He should have waited for his turn. We even asked him to wait as it was a serious moment of prayer and anointing,” said DJ Mo.

At this point, Ringtone was asked to get off the stage but according to Size 8, he was upset and stormed out, causing a scene.

“We had to be serious, I politely asked him to leave the stage and he was upset. He went outside and started creating a scene.

“DJ Mo was upset and he followed him outside since some of the media partners had also gone out of the room to see what was transpiring,” said Size 8.

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DJ Mo said he had to confront Ringtone since they had used a lot of resources to put together the event and could not allow anyone to undo their effort.

“He called bloggers aside and made some accusations…we used a lot of money, we had not slept. I went outside and confronted him.

“I am just human. I had to ask him to leave. I know he has an anointing but this was not the right time to pull off such stunts,” added DJ Mo.

Size 8 said she has forgiven Ringtone and there is no bad blood between them despite what happened.

She stressed that she does not need drama to seek relevance as she believes in sheer hard work and honesty.

“Haikuwa kiki. It is something we had put a lot into and we prayed and prepared well,” she said.

Asked about gospel artistes who are crossing over to secular, Size 8 said most of them claim they are looking to make ends meet and their relationship with God is personal.

“Most say they are doing business they have not abandoned God. We should be very careful even though our colleagues might be doing better than us.

“God will come through for us. We need to be patient…we should not chase fame and glamour…” she said.

 DJ Mo and Size 8 [Courtesy]

To women who have lost kids, Size 8 urged them to wait on God. She has lost two pregnancies in the past.

“Do not despair. I know how it feels. God will do great things for you. Greater things are coming your way.”

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