Daddy Owen [Courtesy]

Gospel singer Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen has responded to claims from his brother Rufftone that he nearly attacked him with a machete. According to the Kiriro hitmaker, he has never been a violent person since childhood. 

Clarifying Rufftone’s statement, Daddy Owen also added that Rufftone went ahead and apologized confirming that his allegations were baseless.

"What I know is I have never carried a panga, never confronted my big brother (Rufftone) and he apologized yesterday. He said it was a mistake," he said.

However, the 39-year-old singer acknowledged that there were indeed times that the two disagreed politically but quickly added that it never became physical or heated.

“Politics is politics, it is not always that you have the same stand, but it doesn't mean there are differences,” he added.

Even though he is supporting his brother, Daddy Owen said he made it well aware to Rufftone that he will not be visible during his campaigns but assured him that he will support him as a common Mwananchi and sometimes bounce some ideas.


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"I support Rufftone, but I am not active in politics, so it is not the way people would expect to see me out there campaigning. Sometimes I give him ideas...I am just not active in politics. I am a silent voter. I even told him...  I won't support him by going outside to shout... that is not me. I just participate in politics like a common mwananchi. I am more in governance, I participate in positive politics," he said.

Rufftone has set his sights on becoming the next Nairobi Senator and recent clarified that he is not in it for the money.

 Rufftone campaigning during a rally. [Courtesy]