Prophet Elvis Mbonye [Courtesy]

Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Fellowship Ministries recently revealed that he started his prophetic journey at a tender age and he knew he was different due to some occurrences in his early life.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station, Mbonye revealed that when he was in Senior four he was going out with a certain lady and when they met at the library he immediately knew she had received a letter from someone else.

“I was going to the library with this girl and somehow, I looked at her and I told her the boy seated in front of her in the library, had written a letter to her. She was shocked and turned around with wide-open eyes in disbelief.

“I went ahead and even disclosed the contents of the letter to her yet I had not seen it physically and she was shocked. That was my first prophetic experience,” he said.

Opening up on his childhood experiences, Mbonye said he often had visions and would come face to face with evil forces and at the same time he also learnt of the heavenly realm.

“I remember one time when I was lying on my bed and I heard a voice call my name. I woke up and saw the person I had always felt, Jesus.

“He reached out to me and he carried me out of the house. We went through the ceiling and passed through different places,” he narrated.

Mbonye added that their final destination was a peaceful place that was full of joy. He later revealed the good news to his siblings.

On his battles with dark forces, Mbonye said he used to be attacked and oppressed during the night and anyone who would come to share a bed with him would experience the same.

Years later, during a prayer session with his sister and her friends, Mbonye said he felt a certain conviction as they prayed and he began speaking in tongues.

“While praying for four hours nonstop with my sisters at home, I heard a voice of the Lord saying I have called you to be a prophet. So I got up with the same power of prophecy flooding,” he said.

According to him, he was later caught up in a trance and the Lord informed him that He had called him to be a prophet.