Why you can’t purchase Kenya Power tokens.

On Monday morning, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company was forced to issue a statement after several clients complained that they could not purchase prepaid tokens.

On Sunday evening, the company announced they were experiencing a technical hitch that was hindering customers from buying tokens as well as accessing their contact centre via 97771.

However, the issue is yet to be solved as customers are still experiencing challenges in purchasing tokens and paying bills.

"We have managed to address the IT hitch affecting the prepaid system that occurred yesterday [Sunday] evening. However, vending of tokens remains slow due to a high number of customer transactions," read the statement in part.


— The Kenya Power & Lighting Company Plc. (@KenyaPower) April 26, 2021

"Also affected are customer interactions via contact centre telephone line 97771, *977#, social media channels and banking hall operations.

Kenyan Power said they were working to restore normalcy at their contact centre and operations at banking halls and other customer touch points.