Huddah and Khaligraph Jones [Photo: Courtesy]

We truly need a break from the updates around Covid-19 pandemic. What a better way to do so other than the bubbling beef between rapper Brian Ouko aka Khaligraph Jones and socialite Huddah Monroe.

It all started when the Kenyan socialite cum fashion entrepreneur Huddah Monroe come out to claim that even though she is aware that  Khaligraph is doing well in life, she does not know any of his songs.

Speaking to Bridget Shighadi on her YouTube channel, the socialite claimed that she learned of him after articles were written linking him to her.

“The guy apparently called me so many times and I never picked up. I rarely pick up phone calls but honestly, I don’t even know any of Khaligraph’s songs but I think he’s doing well, he won an award. I swear, none of his songs to be honest. I swear to God yaani leo ndio nimeangalia page yake for the first time ever since I read that article,” she said.

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Well, that did not settle well with Khaligraph who took to social media to respond and seemingly revealed how shocked he was by the revelations.

“Mumesema hamjui wimbo za Kharigraph? Lol, Coronavirus is real, Sanitize. #respecttheogs” reacted Papa Jones.

Khaligraph Jones [Photo: Courtesy]

On top of that, the self-proclaimed OG decided to give Huddah a piece of his mind in a fresh freestyle on his Instagram page.

In the one-minute video, the rapper bashed Monroe for partying in Dubai amid the spread of Covid-19.

“Mmeambiwa mkae kwa nyumba na hamtaki before corona iwa-ex kama unga ya chapati. Wengi wenu ni mapunda mangale, juu sai bado ma slayqueen kama Huddah wana party. Ulifanya mistake kunitaja, OG is a big brand not a Facebook rapper and I’m not single so siwezi kutaka, si ni juzi juzi tu ulikuwa unadate Mustafa.

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"Self-quarantine ndo hamtaki juu sai mko bar, alcohol kwa system yangu sai ni sanitizer, Niko conscious utasema naringa but nina majugumu na familia nina linda. Wasanii wa Kenya hamnipendi Mbona ama ni sababu mi huwaosha kwa ngoma,” raps Papa Jones.

Huddah [Photo: Courtesy]

Upon learning on the freestyle, the Cosmetics boss, hit back at Khaligraph, cautioning him to refrain mentioning her name in his songs.

“Daddy Jones, Nitaku*** uachane na mimi!” Replied Monroe.

In his latest release dubbed Yes Bana, Khaligraph called out the socialite for not picking his calls: “Huddah simu hashiki anadhani nataka kumpiga miti. Nina wife joh sipendi hizo kiki, am done with that shit.”