Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami.

If you thought marriage would save your significant other from being preyed on by other singles looking to court them, you might be in for a rude shock.

Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami have been married for close to four years now and even have a child together but according to his wife, she has to constantly put women eyeing her husband in their rightful place. 

Speaking during an interview on Switch TV, Nelius explains that men do not know how to tell when a woman is coming on to them and especially her husband, whose job involves helping people and interacting with them.

"There is something about men that they do not know when a woman is coming on to them. So for his job, he likes to help people and they would come to him even from other counties.

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"Sometimes, you look at some of them and you immediately know that it is not one of the genuine requests, but women making moves on him," she said.

Adding to this, Mukami advised the public to stay within their boundaries as this most often than not affects the individual’s families.

Breaking up

The senator and his wife met, through a mutual friend and connected on Facebook in 2012 where they planned their first date at Pekeshe Coffee House in the CBD.

"I would click on her pictures and think, 'this girl is so beautiful'" Mwaura said.

Mwaura and Mukami’s relationship didn’t go as they expected and so they dated for a few months and broke up but remained friends for one and a half years.

Despite being friends, "Something kept telling me that I would marry this girl," said Mwaura at the time.

Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Nelius Mukami.

"I ended up in hospital once and I was so impressed with the way she took care of me that I knew I had to fight for her," he continued.

Mwaura proposed to Mukami at a public function in Embu and she said yes.

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They got married in 2015 at a lavish wedding attended by close family and friends. The couple was invited to State House by the President where they got a chance to take their bridal pictures.

Lose of their two children

After marriage, Mwaura and his wife were blessed with triplets; two boys and one girl but unfortunately, the girl and one of the boys passed on after being delivered prematurely.

“Mukami and I even lost two of our triplets (a boy and a girl) and we were left with only one son and a hospital bill of Sh11.2 million to clear. It was really tough but we kept the faith,” Mwaura said.

“Exactly a year later on 25 August 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated me to the Senate under the Jubilee Party via a Kenya gazette notice…There is a God in heaven and I know He never lets down his own…Thanks to all those who have believed in me and who have prayed for and with me.”