Michael Job.

Michael Job, an American preacher with an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ whose recent visit to Kenya created such a buzz is not dead, contrary to reports.

An investigation by SDE revealed that the preacher is not only alive but also still in the country, contrary to reports he had been deported.

Several websites in Kenya and Tanzania announced Job had passed away from pneumonia shortly after his Kenyan visit.

However, a look at Job’s social media account proved otherwise as he has been sharing posts long after his ‘death.’

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Job’s most recent post was on Monday where he had gone preaching at an undisclosed location in Kenya, sharing images and videos of the same.

“Today Paul Maurer and I received the opportunity to peach on the CFAN outreach truck. Hundreds of souls made a decision for Jesus to be the Lord and Saviour of their lives.

 Michael Job.

“So many children receiving Jesus, praise the Lord! ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’ Go out and preach the gospel to someone today. God will fill you with his boldness as you speak. He is waiting for you. Bless you! Thank you for praying for us!” he wrote.

What’s his business in Kenya?

Recently, photos of Jobs dressed in a similar manner to Jesus went viral across social media platforms in Africa, with some accusing him of impersonating the Messiah.  But who is he?

Jobs is an American preacher and was invited to Kenya for different crusades.

He is a resident of Orlando, Florida where he plays Jesus at the Holy Land Experience theme park, a Christian-based park theme park that ‘recreates the architecture and themes of the ancient city of Jerusalem.’

Aside from Kenya, he’s also toured Togo and Nigeria.


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