Joyce and Jackline Manyara [Photo: Kipsang Joseph]

Hon Joyce Anyiso, a nominated member of Nakuru County Assembly has denied being involved in a fight with her colleague Hon Jackline Manyara over a man.

Early this week, Members of Nakuru County Assembly were treated to free wrestling bout involving the two MCAs who had allegedly been exchanging abusive text messages, before they began hurling insults at each other in full glare of the public. 

Manyara, a Jubilee nominated MCA and Anyiso went for each other’s throats, treating their bewildered colleagues to free action movie at the County Assembly’s cafeteria during lunch hour.

Manyara who represents special interest groups in Nakuru Town East constituency accused Anyiso of sleeping with her husband and destroying her family.

The incident brought business to a standstill as the two women hurled insults at each other.

“Wewe Anyiso kwa nini unaniharibia nyumba!” shouted Manyara as she slapped Anyiso in the face. Anyiso, in turn, protested saying: “Mimi sijaharibu nyumba yako!”

Anyiso reportedly pleaded with Manyara, begging her fellow MCAs to intervene and rescue her.

“Huyu ako na shida, she needs help! Someone help her please!” She pleaded as the County Assembly orderlies swung into action.

According to Anyiso, their fight was triggered by ‘normal’ disagreement and not over a man as widely reported.

“The issue started in Naivasha when Manyara was trying to harass the MCA of Mauche Philip Rotich. Manyara accused Mauche of influencing her husband to abandon her,” Anyiso told The Nairobian.

Anyiso who admits to enjoying a cordial relationship with Manyara explained that the fight broke out when Manyara became unreasonable and would not stop harassing fellow MCA Rotich. When sought for her side of the story, Manyara declined to comment.

According to some MCAs who spoke to The Nairobian on condition of anonymity, the two started feuding at the weekend during a meeting of ward reps in Naivasha that was attended by Governor Lee Kinyanjui. 

The fate of the two MCAs now lies in the hands of the County Assembly, which has already instituted disciplinary proceedings.

Deputy Speaker Samuel Tonui said the incident involving the nominated MCAs had been placed before the Assembly’s Powers and Privileges Committee.