Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill

For those who have taken a second to glance away from the World Cup games, you might have realized that Churchill Show was missing on Sunday night to the disappointment of many.

Well, don’t worry. All is well!

And no, the show has not been canceled or come to an end.

Since the World Cup is in full swing, Churchill Show is not showing on TV.

The reason why? NTV has been airing live games following an agreement between them and Kwese Free Sports TV, entailing the former to screen live matches of the world’s most popular sports event in Russia from June 14th to July 15th.

The 8pm show has promised to give you your weekly doze of laughter, but you have to catch it online. A click away, the fans can catch their favorite episodes on the Tv show’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

‘’So tonight we do it differently... We go Live on all our digital platforms at exactly 8PM. Watu wa YouTube go click the Subscribe button and turn on notifications,’’ Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill  posted.

The Churchill Show continues to be one of the most popular comedy shows in the country with a huge following across East Africa.