Juliani and Brenda [Photo: Courtesy]

When Pulse bumped into Juliani and Brenda Wairimu having breakfast at a Java Café on an early Sunday morning and confirmed that they were an item, many took the news with a pinch of salt.

The two later went open about their relationship and it has been over five years since. Envied by many as a celebrity power couple, the two got a baby in late 2014. That was after we broke the news that Juliani had confirmed that he was the father of the unborn baby.

“Yes, the child is mine. I have been with her (Brenda) for four years and we’ve planned for it. I thank God, for this is a blessing. You never know, we might be parents of a great leader,” Juliani told Pulse then during an exclusive interview.

For the last four years, they have been under paparazzi lenses both for their achievements and sideshows in what has been an on-and-off affair.

It is probably not a secret that Brenda and Juliani have been having issues in their marriage. Which couple does not have issues, after all? However, it is the latest revelations that have fuelled the Brenda-Juliani story again.

 Brenda [Photo: Courtesy]

In the last two months, the two have been hitting showbiz headlines with grapevine citing new breakup allegations. Even as the saga progressed in blogs, the two stood firm – taking interviews, admitting they have had issues but never revealing their affair had hit rock bottom. 

 “We are happy, we are OK. We had broken up at some point but I don’t think I’ll ever be that person who will go into details as to why my relationship is working or not working. But at that moment it wasn’t and we needed to have some time out,” Brenda said during an interview a month ago.

 Juliani [Photo: Courtesy]

 “I think first of all the only thing I want to say is that throughout our relationship, I had different experiences. Brenda and I had a lot of issues and we were not together for a while. And then I felt there is the importance of a family and a foundation… a place we call home, a place where you can lay your head. I realised I needed to make a decision and make things happen,” responding to the rumour, Juliani remarked during a recent radio interview.

However, Pulse has gotten wind that the two could have actually called it off and their statements could just be sweet talk to keep the media at bay. Our sources have it that a month ago, Brenda moved out of their house after the growing rift between the two hit a new low.

“She moved out. They are no longer together. They are separated,” said one of our sources.

The source alludes that Brenda moved out with their baby and is now living in one of Nairobi’s leafy suburbs.

“This story is hush-hush as Brenda does not want it out there. She has always been protective of her private life and you would be sure she would be the last person to admit that her relationship with Juliani is no more,” urged the source.

Three years ago, the couple had their first separation just as they started to formalise their relationship. Pulse was to learn that Brenda left Nairobi quietly, relocating to her parents’ Coastal residence. Then Brenda was heavy with child. Months later, Juliani wooed her back.

Since, they have been on and off and probably, just probably, this new development is just the latest twist in this long-winding tale.

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