Hamisa Mobetto [Photo: Courtesy]

Trouble seems to follow Hamisa Mobetto even when she is not looking for it.

The Tanzanian video vixen became the subject of discussion online after captioning one of the dresses she wore to the launch of Wasafi TV’s ‘Nyumba Ya Imani’ was made by her fashion house, Mobetto Styles.

Turns out the dresses which Hamisa and Harmonize’s girlfriend Sarah wore were actually from Ab Designers contrary to what she had posted.

Called out for lying by Alliyah, the owner of the store, she revealed to Global Publishers that Diamond’s baby mama had requested to have some of her dresses to wear to the event and say that she got them from Mobetto Styles since she had a huge following but promised to refer all the customers to Alliyah.

She further added that she told the video vixen and mother of one to say that the clothes came from Ab Designers.

If that wasn’t possible, she told Hamisa that she would only have to borrow the dresses and return them once she was done.

After being trolled on social media for what was possibly a misunderstanding between the two, Hamisa came out to defend herself stating that it was no big deal and her enemies were making a big issue out of nothing.

‘’Jamani mimi nishaeleza sana na hata nilipweka kwenye mitandao niliandika kuwa nguo hizo zimebuniwa na yeye sasa mimi nashangaa watu wananichafua kwenye mitandao,” she said.