Getting intimate with a woman involves a lot of things.

It’s not just about lying in bed and getting the job done. For women especially, intercourse means a lot, meaning men have to really step up their game behind closed doors.

Here’s some help men:

1. Many women complain about husbands being selfish when getting intimate. Love making is when both man and woman enjoy. Give her pleasure. Don't be selfish.

2. Foreplay is very important to a woman. Don't rush it, don't ignore it.

3. A woman gets excited by the thought that she has sexual power over you. Show her the effects of her power and how much you desire her.

4. A loving wife will be willing to please you sexually above and beyond if only you treat her right when s*x is not the agenda.

6. Don't just focus on what’s between her legs. Her entire body needs your attention and loving.

7. Her nakedness is reserved for only you. Let her see you gaze at her with wonder when she's naked before you, it makes her feel sexy.

8. Your faithfulness turns her on. Let her never suspect you are pursuing another woman, sexually or emotionally. Don't just be faithful, do not do things that make her suspect you of unfaithfulness.

9. Never underestimate the power of touch. Touch her skin, massage it, kiss it, and stroke it.

10. Have moments where it's all about giving her sexual pleasure. The more you do this, the more she will be sexually active towards you.

11. Life is serious, make it fun. She needs you to be naughty no matter her age. Grab her body, speak sexually to her, and flirt with her.

12. Only you get to see her most sacred part, speak highly of her nakedness. Describe her privates to her in a sensual way.

13. Know that each woman is unique. Find out your wife's sexual preferences.

14. Work on your kissing skills. Women love to make out when they are in love and treated well.

15. Praise what she sexually does to you. Tell her how great in bed she is. It motivates her. Let her know she has what it takes to drive you crazy.

16. Compliment not just her dressing but specific parts of her body. Clothes are just fabrics, she wants to know what you think about her physical form.

17. Remember that confidence is a turn on, but cockiness is a turn off.

18. Learn to control yourself when inside her in order to delay your orgasm and last longer. Keep changing rhythm and positions.

19. Pay attention to how her body responds to the sexual things you do. Whatever she responds positively to, do more of it.

20. As you expect her to be faithful to you, do all it takes to make her enjoy being faithful. Don't let her struggle being loyal.