Prezzo(centre) tries to separate Timmy (left) and Otile

By William Osoro(@iamosoro)

Two weeks ago, Kenyan artistes Timmy TDat and Otile Brown made headlines across the nation after they got into a fight.

Timmy and Otile were attending Vanessa Mdee’s dinner when they started exchanging blows, with Prezzo trying to separate the two.

 Timmy, Otile and pother guests st Vanessa Mdee's dinner

It took Shaffie Weru’s intervention to calm the two, with details later emerging that the fight was over a woman.

However, it seems the two have buried the hatchet and might even be cooking a new track.

Otile and Timmy both shared a photo of them together in studio with ‘Beat King’ Magix Enga, the outstanding producer behind their hit collaboration Wembe.

 Timmy and Otile in studio with Magix Enga

The image excited fans on social media:

styling_by_misscherry Awww this pic made me smile.

shelton_jayr_platnumz Evry story has an end,am so pleased kuona that u guys are back together,#kudos ????

briankellykyle Wembe ingine imam through

amora3492 My prayers worked thank God

__dadi @otilebrown collabo ingine mabrathe awakosani @timmytdat

Johnesmonica I love the maturity ruling your heads....we forgive and move on..

dna_dennys Kazi tufanye,Beef achieni walio vibogoyo

vostilish wakosanao ndio wapatanao ...big up guyz ...drop mad tunes ..zkam kulko wembe

Do you think the beef between Timmy and Otile was a publicity stunt?

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