According to Mutua, the opinions of Mutoko and Ngunyi are pathetic, debilitating armchair journalism that add zero value to the national development agenda.
  • Caroline Mutoko alleged that a Kenyan film was going to be shot in South Africa
  • KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua once more descended on the former radio queen saying that her sentiments are insults
  • He did not spare political analysts Mutahi Ngunyi saying that he was also adding no value to national development

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) have bushed media personality Caroline Mutoko over her sentiments on an upcoming Kenyan film which is set to be shot in South Africa.

The former radio queen took to her YouTube channel to allege that the show, based on the life of Kennedy Odede, Kenyan community organiser, will be filmed in South Africa and not Kenya where she felt it should be shot.

The KFCB chief executive, Ezekiel Mutua blasted Caroline terming her sentiments as insult to the hard work and diligent work of public servants in a way that demeans and deliberately spread falsification of facts to the public.

Mutua was not done. He also encompassed and slammed controversial political analysts Mutahi Ngunyi. The KFCB boss quoted Ngunyi and Mutoko as to be misleading Kenyans yet they are opinion shapers. In his words, Mutua said that the opinions of both Ngunyi and Mutoko are armchair journalism and that they add no value to the national development agenda.

Although most of the comments supported Mutua’s sentiments, there are some who expressed opposing views as they felt Mutoko had a point and that KFCB is indeed having issues because they are trying to cover too much: