By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

“Today my feet hurt really bad, I had shortness of breath. As I was walking to my appointment, I saw a man who had just had his leg amputated. He smiled at me and waved. Being pregnant one is super emotional like tears swelled up, I waved back smiled and stood up straight and forgot about all the pain my body felt. It was nothing compared to what he had to go through.” Barbara said, referring to her pregnancy.

Barbara popularly known as ‘Waridi’ had been sharing details of her pregnancy and just how much it was taking a toll on her. However it was not till recently that she unveiled her baby bump, leaving her Kenyan fans in a stir.

She received congratulatory messages as soon as her baby bump photo made it to the media, many mothers applauded her for bearing the weight of twins. She also got criticized, many dismissing her ‘maternity wear’.

Here are some of the comments.

Mwali Bwire: she truly is an actress coz that is not pregnancy!

Merrisa Parker:  If that’s what being pregnant calls for i give up. pls get better maternity dresses I beg

Julie Othouwar:  People can be so ruthless, instead of focusing on positive matters and congratulating her you choose to humiliate her and make fun of her motherhood. I don't really know her but some people should think critically before commenting negatively. It’s fine if she chooses to dress like that so long as she feels comfortable, plus the shape of her pregnant belly is not for you to decide. Waridi all the best with your journey to motherhood!

After seeing the comments, she couldn’t help but laugh it off!

“Hahaha.... the comments, thank God for my resilience.”