Willy Paul is no stranger to controversy and today was no different. Many fans were shocked when allegations of the star deserting his mother were published in the Ghafla blog.

According to Ghafla, the gospel star has left his mother to languish in abject poverty in the Mathare slums while he rolls in cash. The blog goes further to allege that Willy Paul had been fronting a different woman as his mother, completely blocking out his biological mother from the public.

These allegations have enraged the singer who termed them as malicious and insensitive.

Speaking to our producer, Willy insisted that he has always taken care of his mother Salome Radido.

“I am absolutely shocked at the level that these publications have stooped to. I have and will always take care of my mother!” the star said.

“My big brother and I wanted to move her from that house but she refused. She instead requested that we buy land and build her a house. A venture we have been working on,” Willy continued.

Who is the woman you call mama on your social media page?  We asked.

“That woman is my godmother. She is the one who took care of me when I ventured out of my mother’s nest. I have always strived to protect my mother from the limelight, that is why I don’t post pictures of her,” the distressed singer said.

Why do you think your mother would say those words in the video interview? We posed.

“I really don’t know what would push my mother to say that,” the singer hurriedly finished the interview, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Efforts to reach him again for a more comprehensive interview with the star are yet to bear fruit.

We will keep you posted on the developments as they unravel.