Ruth Matete's contentious dress.

By Brenda Odhiambo(@OdhiamboAkinyi)

As the curtains came down on Tusker Project Fame’s sixth season, Kenyans were up in arms over something else.

In true TPF fashion, the finale was filled with many electrifying performances, the most memorable of which was the up-tempo duet between TPF5 winner Ruth Matete and the star of the night, Burundi’s Hope Irakoze.

Dressed in a thigh-skimming white dress, Ruth proceeded to show the audience why she deserved to win last season as they got down and showed off their moves.

However, the audience didn’t think otherwise after Ruth’s dress rode up her thighs as she was performing. This prompted a heavy backlash on social media, where her outfit was deemed as inappropriate, especially in the light of her being a Worship leader in a local church.

Earlier this afternoon the singer took to her social media page where she posted this message in apology to all her fans. The message was met with encouraging replies from her fans, showing just how much Kenyans can be supportive.

She also posted a similar message on her Twitter account.

These were some of the reactions that prompted Ruth Matete's apology

                 Some of the reactions to Ruth's dress.      Photo:Courtesy/Twitter