Pastor Allen Parker of White Tail Chapel     Photo: Courtesy

By Njambi Mungai (@njambie)

There has been constant talk about indecent dressing in churches in Kenya. Many have even retorted that the ladies should go to church naked since they are so keen on showing their skin.

A pastor in Southeastern Virginia has encouraged his congregation to attend church in the nude. Yep….approach the house of the Lord while letting it all hang out.

After all Adam and Eve were created and lived in the Garden of Eden naked, for a while.

Pastor Allen Parker who is the leader of the White Tail Chapel, Southampton addressed the media last week, saying that the place is less about what they wear on the outside but more about the love they are clothed in on the inside.

The church is located on land owned by the White Tail Resort, which is a nudist destination. Here, people who are comfortable being totally naked and one with nature usually meet and interact.

The idea of attending church in the nude is meant to accept Christians who are nudists. To assure them that God loves them and they are not alone.

For those who are feeling uneasy about attending church with no clothes, Pastor Allen leads the pack by preaching naked on the pulpit every Sunday.

So the next time you can’t decide what to wear for church, White Tail Chapel is a good option.