Huddah Monroe is never shy of controversy

Former Big Brother representative Huddah Monroe is never shy of controversy.

Posting nude pics of herself is no biggie!

However, recently, she went a little bit overboard, thanks to the Ibiza lifestyle!

Upon checking to the beach, she went on a boat ride, swapped her bra for a photo session, and fans got a peek of her nipples underneath the sheer bikini!

“Topless beach, the rest would rather stay unposted,” she  wrote. As usual, her critics came calling: “So you flipped the upper piece of your swimsuit to show nipples?”, one of her critics wrote.

Huddah, rudely dismissed them: “ This is a topless city, during the day, 99 per cent of the women walk topless. You walk down the city centre in a bikini and it’s totally normal. This ain’t AFRICA, Google that sh*t up before you shove your opinion on a girl who is in ROME doing as the Romans do!”

  - Sheila Kimani