Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has accused his governor, Stephen Sang, of employing redundant slay queens, leading to poor service delivery in the county.

Cherargei and Sang are among the youngest elected senators and governors respectively. But they have had a frosty relationship since they got into office last year.

Speaking during a function in Mosop constituency, Cherargei accused Sang of side-lining qualified personnel for slay queens who are given unnecessary job positions.

“It is good because the governor is here so that it does not become gossip. My concern is to find out the whereabouts of Sh13 million, which I am told might have been channelled to purchase water, mandazi and to entertain slay queens. This is because each child is entitled to the fund which is also part of their taxes,” said the senator.

Cherargei said he was seriously taking his oversight role and will not keep quiet when public funds are mismanaged by county officials.

“You are the one who started this debate (referring to the governor) while at Chemase where you accused me of speaking about your government. Don’t you know that the county is for the Nandi community and not for a single entity?” charged the senator.

He added: “I have no problem with people of light complexion, my mother is also light-skinned. But are we going to do with those are dark-skinned? Who is going to employ them if the criterion required is that you be light-skinned?”

The senator took issue with the current state of roads in the county and called on the governor to take action and fix them to facilitate business and access to markets.

In response, Governor Sang said, “It is advisable for a leader to talk soberly and moderately. I am happy that for the past five years when I was in the Senate, I never let down the county in the way I talked.”

He added that: “I want to be able to constructively engage with my friend here and discuss serious issues in a mature manner even if we may be young. That is the only way to uplift our community. I am the governor and I know I am not an angel. At times mistakes happen because we are all human.

It is good to point out issues that are not okay and even single out poor performers in the county. But it is wrong to lie to the public.”