Josephine Nambiro’s house where Ronald Lubya was murdered. Lubya’s wife Caroline said, “I don’t know that other woman (Josephine) who has been in the media peddling lies

Investigators in the murder of Mumias Sugar company secretary, Ronald Lubya, are also zeroing on a possible love triangle.

The Nairobian gathered that Lubya was close to two women; his wife Caroline Namasaba and Josephine Nambiro-at whose home Lubya was clobbered to death with a blunt object.

The two women were rumoured to be first cousins but a source from the family clarified that they were from the same home area. Caroline lives in a bungalow in the family's Kitengela home while Josephine stays in a newly constructed two bedroomed house near Harambee market, Matungu sub-county, Mumias.

Lubya had a huge company house inside Mumias Sugar Company, just net to that of the CEO.

Lubya attended church service with his first wife in Nairobi before leaving for Josephine's house in Matungu.

An officer familiar with the case told The Nairobian that "the plot on which the house sits in Matungu was bought by two different men working in Mumias Sugar factory. We are yet to tell under whose title it is registered. The foundation of the house was set by another yet the finishing was done by Lubya."

Those are four different men.

Josephine lost employment last year when fertilizer meant for distribution to farmers was unaccounted for. She was then sales assistant at a department that deals with cane farmers' fertilizer.

Josephine Nambiro

Caroline brushed off Josephine who has been saying she's Lubya's wife because "Contrary to what has been on media I am his only wife, and will bury Reuben (Lubya) that is what I know. Reuben's family in Chavakali will speak on it and not anyone else," said Caroline adding that "I don't know about that other woman (Josephine) who has been in media peddling lies."

Asked whether they're first cousins Carol retorted that "Well, if she is my first cousin why then did she sleep with my husband? Sleeping with my husband at Mumias where he works while I am in Nairobi and our ancestral home is in Chavakali doesn't make her anything close to his wife."

She went on: "My husband used to tell of a single mother who was sacked, I later learnt it was Josephine. He helped her finish constructing a house that her (Josephine's) real husband had started."

How Lubya died is also subject of further investigation.

Western regional police commander Moses Ombati had said that, "They shot him at his gate" but government pathologist Solomon Sava after examining Lubya's body at Avenue hospital in Kisumu contradicted that view explaining that "He (Lubya) was not shot. He was hit using a blunt object repeatedly on the head, chest, and arm. No bullet was lodged in his head and there was no exit point, just the fractures."

Mongo Chimwaga, the Western regional Commissioner told The Naiobian that "It is hard to believe it was ordinary robbery, no. Like in any murder inquest we will use the elimination method to arrive at a viable lead on this murder."

Mongo added that he knows Kenya is in a political season and "therefore it's hard to rule out politics in the death but there is the possibility of it being a love triangle sort of murder. When briefed by our able investigators I will let you know."