Elijah Masinde

While the bulk of Luhyas have religious leanings to the Friends Church (Quakers) and the majority are influenced by its doctrine that advocate for docility to vagaries of life, there is a huge constituency that subscribe to indigenous churches like Dini ya Musambwa which was founded by footballer, Elijah Masinde.

Legend holds it that Elijah Masinde hit a ball so hard it disappeared to the sky in 1942. Dini ya Musambwa was established to counter Christianity which Masinde deemed to be a 'White man's religion' and his followers emerged from Bungoma, Kitale, Pokot, Baringo and large pockets of Western Kenya.

The missionary educated Masinde severed links with his mother church after being influenced by Misambwa (spirit to found a religious movement whose adherents would be guided by 'Were Khakaba' (God the provider) and not the one White missionaries preached about in the bible.

Elijah Masinde, who equated Mt Elgon 'Sayoni' (Mt Zion) and offered sacrifices there, went against political order when he led his followers in burning ID cards, besides backtracking on paying taxes.

Masinde was detained by the regime of President Kenyatta I for 15 years for fomenting religious hatred. He was released by President Daniel Moi but later arrested after clashing with traffic cops.
Masinde, who was revered to as a prophet, also spent time at Mathare Psychiatric Referral Hospital after urging his followers to shun schools and hospitals arguing they were a 'White man's' civilization.

According to Julius Raisti the founder of 'Dini Ya Roho', Lucas Pkiech, worked closely with Elijah Masinde in founding Dini ya Musambwa but the two differed on doctrine after Pkiech was released from prison in 1948 and today the two sects "are not one entity" clarifies Raisti.