Rahab Mukami (left) has asked to be considered for the position as compared to the current Women Rep Priscilla Nyokabi (right)

The political race for the Nyeri County Women’s Rep has been turned into a battle of beauty and brains after the two main contenders attacked each other over their looks.

Rahab Mukami, who was runners up in the 2013 general election to current Nyeri Women Rep, Priscilla Nyokabi,  asked voters to overlook Nyokabi’s looks and vote in a leader who will deliver on development projects.

“You refused to elect me during the last general election because you went for the one who was beautiful. You should consider me this time,” said Mukami while speaking at the PCEA church in Othaya on April 10.

Nyokabi defended herself arguing that her lethal combination of beauty and brains was the reason she won the 2013 poll.

“What they are forgetting is that I am also a lawyer and the vice-chairperson of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee dedicated to serve the people.

“They should accept that my development track record and leadership skills are visible to our people. It is a case of beauty and brains,” said Nyokabi.   

She asked her critics to stop dwelling on her good looks but join her in empowering the people.

Mukami is the patron of Rware Mashinani Women Initiative which is a women investment group in the county.

Nyokabi,was the Kituo Cha Sheria CEO before her election to parliament in 2013.

“I will be defending my seat and will win on a combination of beauty, brains and hard work,” Nyokabi said.

Muchemi Karari, a Nyeri voter concurred that Nyokabi won because she was beautiful and a lawyer.

“When it comes to women, beauty will always play a role in politics since the times of Cleopatra beauty can determine the success of any woman and in Nyeri beauty was top of the list in making the decision for women representative,” Muchemi said.

He added that brains also played a part in Nyokabi’s success because she was able to articulate issues.

“There is nothing worse than a beautiful woman who has no intellect, it can be a complete disaster and turn off to men and voters,” Karari noted.

Mutahi Kahiga said voters make their decisions with their minds, emotions and their perceptions.

“When it is a woman vying against several women their looks are not a factor, but when you pit two women against each other, the decision will be made based on their looks,” Kahiga said.