Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka’s sister and business manager, Joy Agunja, claims that her parents divorced in 2009 and not in 2007 and that Oscar Sambu Okero is not their father. “I have never heard of him and by the way, we have never lived in Kisii. We come from Kisumu,”

Joy told The Nairobian adding that Corazon Kwamboka was the first born.

“I’m very shocked to hear about this because our father is a well-off man who lives outside the country and in fact, he sends us money all the time,” she said. Joy then hang up promising to not only get back to us shortly, but also convince her mother and Corazon who is allegedly in Nigeria, to talk to us.

This did not happen as she later sent a stern text message accusing The Nairobian of extortion. “I hope you know what defamation is. And if anyone uses you to threaten or extort my sister, I hope you know the legal consequences,” read the text message.